Hi, my name is Ready.

I'm a S.F. Bay Area based Director of Photography.

Over a dozen years experience in narrative, documentary, corporate, and commercial cinematography. ✨

Corporate +

Reel and interview stills from past client work.

Narrative +

Reel and interview stills from past projects.

Rates +

Transparent pricing and a kit complete with multiple 4K cameras, lenses, sound, lighting, teleprompter, slider, gimbal, + motion control.

Block. Light. Rehearse. Shoot. Repeat.

A graduate of Chapman University’s Film Production program and the city of Los Angeles, I'm a filmmaker with a knack for painting with light, dancing with lens, and sculpting with story. Across startups, big brands, small businesses, and individual projects, my approach is always the same: story first, bottom line.

Likewise, all of my gear has been meticulously selected and is constantly being customized and improved for one goal: maximize on-set opportunities to capture story-worthy moments.More Time = More Shots = More Magic.
Every Second Counts. 🪄

Based in the San Francisco Bay area. 🌉

Dual citizen American / Italian. 🇪🇺

Two days from anywhere. ✈️

Rates +

Discounted Flat Rates

Run-n-Gun Kit — $2,500
Includes: labor, calls, single camera kit, all lenses, an on-camera mic, and a 7" wireless director's monitor.

Production-Ready Kit — $5,000
Includes: labor, calls, prep, 2x camera kits, all lenses, all audio, slider, gimbal, and wireless monitors.

Interviews + B-Roll Kit — $7,500
• Labor rates for myself, including prep.
• Labor rates for an on-set assistant.
• Creative calls with the team or client.
• Any/all equipment I own (listed below).
• Editorial prep (sync and organization).
Prices are for local, 1-day, S.F. Bay Area shoots. Additional days at $1,500/day.
For domestic or international travel, add $2,500 (includes the cost of flights).

Labor Rates

Production Rate (DP) — $1,500/day
Up to 12 hrs, then OT at $250/hr.
Add $500/day/each if also managing photos, lighting or the teleprompter.
Equipment Prep Rate — $750/day
Prior-to-shoot, equipment pre-build.
Required if using anything more than a single camera kit of lenses and audio.
Scout Rate — $750/day
Prior-to-shoot, location scout (to make lots of important decisions).
Travel Day Rate — $500/day
Air travel to/from production.
All travel days incur a $100 per day per diem (for transportation and meals).
Creative Rate — $125/hr
Calls with the team or client, creative prep, research, edit reviews, etc.
Two hours free with any booking.
Editorial Rate — $125/hr
Post-Production Editorial of footage and/or projects I have filmed.
Can bump to $150/hr if adding any lightweight motion graphics work.
Studio Rental — $1,000/day
50% off the Peerspace rate when I D.P., used for interviews, up to 10 hrs.

Equipment Rates

Functionality over formality.
Performance over precedence.
Mastery over mediocrity.

Video Cameras — $1,000/day  ðŸŽ¥

2x Complete Sony a7s iii Kits
• Built for Maximum On-Set Efficiency
• Matches the FX-9 and FX-6
• S-LOG3, SGamut3
• Slow Motion: 4k/60p, 4k/120p
• 10-bit 4:2:2 recording
• Continuous Auto-Focus for Video
• 15+ stops dynamic range
• Dual Native ISO: 640 / 12,800 ISO
• In-body active image stabilization
• Timecode Sync via Tentacles
Included Accessories:
• 12x Batteries, 8x 160gb CF-A Cards
• 2x Rode VideoMic Pro NTG
• 2x Tentacle Sync E wireless TC Boxes
• SmallHD Cine 7″ Monitor + Wireless TX
• SmallHD Focus 5″ Monitor + TX
• OConnor 1030 HDs Fluid Head
• Sachtler Speed Lock Tripod
• Sachtler Aktiv8 Fluid Head
• Flowtech 75 Tripod

Photo Camera — $250/day  ðŸ“¸

1x Sony a7iii Kit
• Kitted for Timelapses or Stop-Motion
• 24.2MP BSI CMOS Sensor
• 693-Point Eye-AF, 93% Coverage
• 10 fps Continuous Shooting
• 5-Axis In-Body Stabilization
• 100-204800 ISO
Included Accessories:
• 6x Batteries, 4x 128gb SD Cards
• SmallHD Focus 5″ HDMI
• Peak Design Travel Tripod

Lenses — $50/day/each  ðŸ”

• Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM Prime
• Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM Prime
• Sony 50mm f/1.2 GM Prime
• Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM Prime
• Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Zoom
• Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Zoom
• Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS Zoom
• Sony 90mm f/2.8 GM Macro
• Laowa 24mm f/8 Probe
• Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Portrait

Audio Kit — $500/day  ðŸŽ¤

• 2x Tentacle Track-E 32-bit Recorders
• 2x Tentacle Track E Lavs (2x)
• Zoom H4n 2-channel XLR Mixer
• Zoom H1 Single-Channel Recorder
• Sennheiser MKE 600 Short Shotgun
• Rode Reporter (Handheld Mic)
• RodeLink Wireless XLR TX/RX
• TrackTagger Wireless Tagging Device

Wireless — $175/day/each  ðŸ“º

All Monitors feature Teradek Wireless
• SmallHD 2403HDR 24″ Client Monitor
• SmallHD 1303HDR 13″ D.P. Monitor
• SmallHD 703 Bolt 7″ Director’s Monitor
• SmallHD Cine 7 Bolt RX 7″ Aux Monitor

Interview Lighting Kit — $500/day ðŸ’¡

• Aputure 600d Daylight LED Light
• Aputure 600x Bi-Color LED Light
• Aputure 300x Bi-Color LED Light
• Intellytech LiteCloth 1x3' LED Mat Kit
• Aputure B7c Kit (8x RGB E26 Bulbs)
• Aputure MC12 (12x RGB Mini LEDs)
• Spotlight Mount, 36°
• 5', 41", 1x4', and Lantern Softboxes
• 3x Matthews Baby Stands
• 3x Matthews C-Stands
• 1x Matthews Baby C-Stand
• 1x Matthboom
• 6x Stingers (3x 25', 3x 12')
• 2x 40" Ultra-Flops
• 1x 2x3" Floppy Solid

Travel Lighting Kit — $250/day âœˆï¸

• Amaran 200x Bi-Color LED + Soft Umbrella
• Amaran 200x Bi-Color LED + 36° Projector
• Amaran 60x Bi-Color LED + Spot Reflector
• 1x Matthews Road Rags Kit + 5-in-1
• 7x Lowell Baby Stands
• 3x Matthews Mini-Gobo Kits
• 1x Mini-Boom
• 4x Compressed Water Weight Bags

☝️ The Travel Lighting Kit is designed for interviews. It fits neatly inside a single (checked) Pelican 1615 Air case. It weighs roughly 70lbs. Anticipate $0-250 round-trip in fees, depending on airline, class, and if my media badge is accepted.

Teleprompter — $500/day  ðŸ—£ï¸

PadPrompter Pro iPad Teleprompter
• iPad + iPhone for iOS Remote
• Foot Pedals + Handheld Remote
• Decimator DMON-QUAD Multi-Viewer

Sliders — $150/day/each  ðŸ›

3′ Kessler CineSlider Motorized Slider
• Useful for compact Interview Loops
5′ Kessler CineSlider Motorized Slider
• Useful for longer-running Timelapses
Straight + Curved 2′ Combo Slider
• Useful for Products with 24mm Probe
Accessories Included with slider:
• 2x Matthews Slider Stands (Low)
• 2x Matthews Monitor Stands (Med)
• 2x Matthews Baby Stands (Tall)
• 2x Sandbags

Motion Control — $350/day  ðŸŽ®

Kessler CineShooter MoCo Head
• Works with 3' or 5' Kessler CineSliders
• Live Motion Control
• Interviews, Timelapse, Stop-Motion
• PS4 Controller
• iPhone for Keyframe Management

Gimbal + EasyRig — $250/day  ðŸ¦¾

Ronin RS2 Gimbal Kit
• RavenEye Wireless + ActiveTrack
• RavenEye to Teradek Wireless Link
• iPhone XR for Monitoring + Controls
• Easyrig Minimax “Z-Axis” Stabilizer
• Teradek Bolt 500′ XT RX

Video Signal Kits — $125/day  ðŸ“¡

• Zoom Signal Conversion Streaming Kit
• Teleprompter Signal Conversion Kit

All rates listed are pre-discount and subject to change without notice.

If you're a friend, inquiring about a narrative, documentary, or music project, representing a non-profit, addressing the climate crisis or social injustices in any way, are a small business, have a travel project of any kind, or if you are not Jeff Bezos — inquire about discounted rates.If I can fit your project in w/o interrupting life or other clients, I'm happy to try to work within your budget. 🤙

Corporate + Commercial Interview Stills

Documentary + Natural Lighting Interview Stills